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Car Storage Available
« on: July 09, 2018, 07:05:10 PM »
Whilst at the Moffat show a few weeks ago, I was asked by someone who came over to the Gazebo if I could ask our members if anyone was interested in storage for their classic car and I said that if he provided the information I would post it on our forum. I have no idea what the storage is like and have no affiliation to this service but here's the details anyway:-

Classic Car Storage
Storage space available near Linwood. Dry, secure and is on a working farm.
There is a work area available within the room. No hot work/grinding or spray painting in the rooms however arrangements could be made to do hot work outside at the discretion of the farmer. Rattle can may be done providing all cars are covered/protected from air born paint/dust within the vicinity.
Cars to be stored with zero/low fuel and batteries disconnected. Please also provide a car cover to protect your car.
Small storage shelve area for light parts. polish, tools etc. Work bench, go jacks and some axle stands provided for use.

No insurance provided or suggested, cars, parts and tools stored at your own risk.

Looking for like minded Classic Car owners who will respect other peoples cars, tools, equipment and the farmers property and machinery.
Key supplied for pedestrian entrance door. Vehicle access to rooms is via a roller shutter door (that can only be opened from within the room).
Prefer standing order payments/rent in advance.
The space is for all year round, not just for the winter storage.
Rent per calendar month dependent on car size i.e. small cars 30, medium cars 45, large cars 65.
There is also the possibility of outside storage on request.

Contact Alex Knox
Mobile is 07836 716223
Email is