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Title: Scottish Ford Day 2021
Post by: Bobby on February 06, 2021, 03:32:01 PM
Happy new year to all.I have been looking at the FBHVC news page for the last several weeks,regarding the current situation with respect to car shows.I feel that in order to have any chance of car shows being held this year,we will need to make our voices heard to the relevant authorities,and not just wait for them to decide what they think is 'best'. I am sorry to say,but i believe that many car clubs,and venue sites/museums are going to be in real trouble this year if everything is to be cancelled the way that it was last year.I along with everyone else was bitterly disappointed  last year when all the car shows were cancelled,particularly the Scottish Ford Day in September,as it has always been my personal favourite event of the year by some margin.I was also quite annoyed to find out that the Hampton Court Concours went ahead last September,over three days,and without any of the apparent restrictions in place,masks,social distancing etc which i found very strange when you consider that we are all apparently taking the situation seriously? There are videos on youtube of the Hampton Court Concours that you can see for yourself.

Have a read of the FBHVC News on events here
Title: Re: Scottish Ford Day 2021
Post by: Dobbin on February 16, 2021, 07:27:48 PM
Good evening Bobby, There was only one official club show held in Scotland last year at Kames hosted by East Ayrshire Classics. At a recent SVVF series of Zoom video calls, they are very doubtful if even this will go ahead this year. I have just posted a few words in the Members page on the likelihood of us hosting Scottish Ford Day this year and I have to confess that unless there is a significant change and improvement very soon, this just wouldn't be a viable option. However, a decision will not be made until April when we need to start making financial commitments to enable any show to proceed. Let us hope that we can have something as I think we all really missed out on going to a few shows last year.
Title: Re: Scottish Ford Day 2021 - Cancelled
Post by: Dobbin on April 05, 2021, 08:05:32 PM
Dear member of the Pre 67 Ford Owners Club,

Due to the unprecedented continuing situation that we still find ourselves in with the Covid-19 virus and the guidance from both the UK and Scottish Governments, the Pre 67 Ford Owners Club show committee has taken the most difficult decision in regrettably agreeing to cancel Scottish Ford Day, due to be held on the 5th September 2021 as a result of the uncertainties surrounding the Covid-19 virus outbreak. This is the 40th anniversary of the formation of the club and we had so many plans for this years show.

Apart from the potential health issues that could arise from holding the show, as a club and responsible committee, we needed to ensure we carried out due diligence to our finances. As you will appreciate, it is increasingly expensive to run a popular car show the size of ours, with considerable up-front costs. Scottish Ford Day is an extremely well attended and loved show and we do not wish to do anything to ruin it. Further restrictions along with potentially having to take the details of everyone who attended, provide sufficient sanitising points, appoint a Covid marshal, limit the number of entrants along with not being able to use our usual resource of scouts and PSYV to assist creates many problems for us.

The issue for us, is that we either have to cancel before any significant financial commitments were made or risk going ahead with imminent losses. However, whilst the Government have now provided some guidance and potential dates for lock down to end or restrictions eased, there is still no confirmed plan as to how we finally come out of this. Social distancing measures may still be in force for many months.
Anyone who has already entered, can we assure you that cheques have not been cashed and all monies will be returned.
Finally, on behalf of the show organising committee and the club committee, may we wish everyone the very best at this uncertain and difficult time.
We hope to see you all back in 2022.